As humans, we take the the natural, living entities and we turn them into works of art or belongings to serve of our existence. Something that was once growing can influence our lives.

A beautiful tree gets crafted into a musical instrument and continues to live in the hands of the artist.  As the sound evolves, life continues in the instrument.

Likewise, cotton grows and is formed into a shirt.  We believe in treating our shirts with music.

Through our Living Treatment, the cotton absorbs the music from your chosen playlist, allowing your shirt to experience the  beauty of sound.  We believe this process influences your life.

Your personally crafted shirt uses your chosen message to support this life you want to live.

Living Treatment™ Playlists

Your shirt will be exposed to a selection of songs in our Living Treatment™ audio chamber. Our Low Action No Buzz DJs curated these playlists to bring positive influence to your shirt and life.

Guitar Boss

From the opening riff of "Day Tripper," to the transformative sounds of "Purple Haze," this group of songs has something for every guitar-lover—invoking some of the greatest guitar talents of all time.

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Female Grit

Celebrate the power of women in music. If inspiring the grit in other women resonates with you, this compilation is for you.

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No Buzz Pop

Meant to be the epitome of "happy," this playlist is a good time—to put it simply. It radiates a positive, "get up and dance" energy that brings sunshine on the cloudiest days.

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Throw it Back

Some songs and sounds are timeless and meant to make you nostalgic, like the ones in this playlist. Throw it back to a time when things were simpler.

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Wrapped in Love

Love can be many things. And most of all, it can be wonderful. From "Bleeding Love" to "Your Song," this list perfectly captures the feelings of love.

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Street Buzz

You appreciate the poetry of hip hop and rap. These sounds are more than a genre or art form—they represent an ongoing social movement.

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